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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that cookies improve your browsing experience on our Website and allow you to access certain secure content (customers-only secure area, customer account, etc.). If you decide to block cookies via your internet browser, you will only be able to visit the public areas of our Website.

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To learn more about cookies in general, not just those used by our Website on your device, we recommend that you visit the Youronlinechoices website published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France (IAB).

Please note :

Blocking the installation of cookies on your device will not remove the advertisements displayed on the content you view online. Your refusal to accept cookies simply prevents such advertisements being tailored to your interests, as inferred from your browsing activity.

If your device is used by more than one person or has several internet browsers, it is possible that some of your cookie choices may not be effective from one visit to our Website to the next, either because you have used a different browser to access it in between times or because someone else has changed your browser settings. We are not in a position to prevent these external factors and therefore cannot guarantee that the choices you make to begin with will be permanently effective.

If you use different devices to access our Website (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), you must set your cookie preferences on each of them.