Five-a-side football

Zinedine Zidane on Five-a-side football


Five-a-side footballmeansfreedom.

Action, high performance, all that I love about football can be found on a five-a-side football pitch.

This version of the game encourages team spirit and fair play. Whatever your skill level, you can have a great time at Z5.

Our playing guidelines

Five-a-side football is normally played 5 against 5, although you are free to have more or less players than that on the pitch if you choose. The number of substitutions is unlimited.

There is no offside rule.
There are no corner kicks.

Players are allowed to enter the penalty areas both in attack and in defense.

Players are responsible for refereeing their own games, meaning every team member must play according to the principles of fair play, sportsmanship and respect for opponents, in order to best enjoy the game.

The boards that surround the pitch can be used, the ball remains in play if it touches them.
This is also true for the ceiling and for the nets on the sides of the pitch.
If however the ball touches the netting on the ends of the pitch, it is considered to be out of play, and should be given to the goalkeeper of the end where the ball went out of play.

A session lasts one hour, and an audible signal marks the start and the end of the time period, so you are free to optimise your playing time as best suits you.

Charging down other players and making contact is to be avoided.
Tackling is strictly forbidden

Football boots with small moulded studs are recommended. Playing in boots with screwed studs is not permitted.

When inside their penalty area, the goalkeeper is free to touch the ball at any time. The goalkeeper may also leave their penalty area in order to play the ball with their feet.